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Friday, October 1, 2010


For the next couple of weeks (maybe the month) I plan to review a book not available everywhere, but I'm sure there are lots of books in the same topic.
The book is "The Diary" (A Napló) from hungarian writer György Moldova, best known about his political novels and documentaries of the past communist/socialist era of Hungary, satires and reports. The book is centered around the diary of Ernesto "Che" Guevara de la Serna that was found when he got captured and arrested in Bolivia, Oct. 8. 1967. The diary consists of 3 bolivian school notebooks, and tells the story of El Che from Oct. 2. 1966. till the day he was arrested. György Moldova tells us the book is not the diary itself, but strongly based on it, trying to show the real personality of Che Guevara.
I can tell this is a very interesting book, I feel lucky that I found it in a discount books basket.



  1. Sounds interesting. Che is... quite the individual.

  2. maybe you've found a gem? following to find out.

  3. Don't expect me to read it by tomorrow :P it's a 500 pages hardcover, but I'll definately share my thoughts about this book by next week

  4. am following, picquied interest

  5. goodluck reading the book

    i hate books, that is one of my goals this year. is to read a book

  6. Don't just pick a random book, I just hate reading uninteresting stuff, can't go further than a couple of pages. Get something with ligh and interesting content, maybe a soft cover novel

  7. good idea. Hopefully the book about che will give an honest telling of his life. Too much has been built up around the guy to make him seem mor than he was.