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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Horror and despair

There's still little or no information from official sources regarding the toxic flood. Eye witnesses are telling about a 2m deep wall of mud going through their homes burying everything including livestock, pets and loved ones. Several others tell they saw someone in a car crossing a bridge when the flood destroyed it. Another witness told me about a man who rushed to his home to save his family. His 12 years old son was with him when the flood lifted their car and buried them. The workers later found their bones. And this is the really horrifying part, the first wave of the flood was well above pH 13, highly corrosive that quickly eats up soft tissue. There are a lot more people missing, more than the official sources claim. Most of those missing are believed to be in Kolontár, in the narrow valley, buried in the deep sludge. The next town, Devecser was more lucky, the flood spread to a much larger area, quickly shrinked to 10-20cm thickness.

Edit: Unofficial information says the reservoir could contain 300,000 cubic meters, while the flood carried over 1,000,000 cubic meters. That's 3 times overload!

These images are from Devecser. Kolontár is still closed from the public, soldiers and military vehicles can be seen on the roads leading to the flooded town. Some say the soldiers are looking for survivors. They let the locals back for a couple of hours to get their personal belongings.
These two pictures show the area wher the flood started spreading. Cars and rubble carried from Kolontár.  The trees and bushes still show some green, but all the vegetation is dead.
There's not even bacteria remained in the contaminated water an earth.
Toys on the table. The kids were playing when the red sludge invaded their home.


  1. I've seen this on the news, sucks for the people there and the families who lost their members. But that sure looks like chocolate.

  2. damn taht`s horrible stuff man

  3. I would go with rusted metal, but I see your chocolate.

  4. scary pics !

    supporting you
    take care

  5. How the hell does something like this happen?? I can see a mud slip type flood but the stuff was corrosive =//

  6. Ditto @ Chris. I was about to say the exact same thing. Especially about them being car flooding burial. Madness!

  7. This flood is nuts. Keep up the updates.

  8. that sucks.. mother nature is a bitch

  9. This wasn't mother natures doing. The barrier was less than inadequte in construction. The owners had an 10 million HUF isurance on it, it's about $40 thousand USD. I wonder if they're going to get away with this...