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Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Earth found

Appearently SETI isn't as useless as I thought. Dr. Ragbir Bhathal registered a peculiar pulse of light two years ago from a direction that was later described as a solar system with several near earth-like planets, and one earth-like planet. The system (Gliese 581) consists of 6 planets and a sun which is some 30% smaller than our sun. The planet going by the name Gliese 581g is in the 'Goldilocks zone' where it is neither too cold nor too hot for water to remain in liquid form.

The whole article can be found here

Edit: Anyone else find these star system names boring? Why can't it be Xobome or Morobe or Luke Skywalker?
Luke Skywalker system... that would be awesome

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quickblog: Mudslide in Colombia

Link It's hard to believe there were houses under there...

Unbelievable proposal

Some amazing story happened in the world of Minecraft, you can read about it here

Quickblog: Space beer!

According to the big step was made and scientists are testing the effects of drinking beer in zero gravity.
Science is awesome, we can see the wonders of the universe and drink beer in space. I wonder if they have any idea for that little nonsense of an oil spill in the gulf of Mexico...

First entry (oh boy oh boy I'm so excited)

I stumbled upon this little indie gem called Minecraft. Maybe you already heard about it, if not I highly recommend it. There are two versions available here. The Classic is free to play, it's essentlially a sandbox, you can even play it in multiplayer. The alpha version costs money, but I think it totally worth it.
The game is about a world made entirely out of cubes, and you can destroy and place all sorts of cubes. Some cubes give you resources that you can craft into items that you can use to harvest cubes more efficiently.
There are no real goals only to gather cubes and build stuff. And at night, you have to survive! Zombies, skeletons, vicious spiders and fearsome creepers are out to get you!
The graphics are minimalistic at first sight, but it really fits the atmosphere of the game.

First blog and welcome

Hello dear blogspace and welcome to my blog.
I'm new to this whole blogging thing. This will be mostly for my personal amusement.
I'll be writing about all sorts of things: video games, food and cooking, movies, news etc.. feel free to comment especially if I'm wrong :3
First of all some bio: I live in Hungary, I like animals, taking walks in the nearby forest (maybe I'll post some pictures later). I work in the family business which involves a lot of travel, mostly in the country. I play some video games on my free time. Oh, and I'm a guy ;P